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We are delighted to welcome you to the zen-zero.it website (hereinafter referred to as the "Site"), the official online store for the brand ZEN·ZERO owned by INKARTA S.r.l. with registered office in Italy at Via Porrettana, 196 Casalecchio di Reno (Bologna), VAT number 03303681203 (“INKARTA”).

Please read these Terms and Conditions of Use carefully. Unless stated otherwise herein, the relationship between INKARTA and the users of the Site is exclusively governed by these Terms and Conditions that are deemed read and accepted by you.

For any other legal information, please see the Terms of Sale, the Return policy, the Privacy & Cookie Policy sections, which form part of and are incorporated into these Terms and Conditions of Use.

By accessing the Site you agree expressly to comply with all the conditions contained in the declaration. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions of Use in their entirety, please do not use the Site.

INKARTA may amend or simply update these Terms and Conditions of Use, wholly or in part. Amendments and updates to the Site's Terms and Conditions of Use will be made known to users on the Home Page as soon as they are adopted and will become binding as soon as they are published on the Site in this same section.

Access to and use of the Site is available only for personal use for the purchase of ZEN·ZERO products ("Products") or to obtain the services made available by INKARTA and to obtain information on them, and therefore, it is foreign to any commercial, entrepreneurial and professional activity of the user.

These Terms and Conditions of Use are governed by Italian law.

1. Contents and limitation of liability of INKARTA

Access to and use of the Site, including the viewing of web pages, are activities carried out by users.

The user is solely and exclusively responsible for the use of the Site and its contents. INKARTA cannot be considered responsible for any use of the Site or contents of same by any of its users, which does not conform to current law.

Specifically, the user is solely and exclusively responsible for the communication of incorrect or false information or details concerning third parties if these latter have not given their consent, as well as with regard to any incorrect use of same.

Since any material is downloaded or otherwise obtained through use of the service chosen by the user, any responsibility for damage to computer systems or loss of data as a result of said downloading operations, will lie with the user and cannot be ascribed to INKARTA. INKARTA refuses to accept any responsibility for damage arising from the impossibility to access services on the Site or any damage from unforeseen circumstances, force majeure or caused by third parties, such as from viruses, damage to files, errors, omissions, interruption to services, deletion of content, network or provider connection problems, electronic or telephone connections, unauthorised access or alteration to data, to failed and/or faulty operation of electronic equipment belonging to the user.

Users are responsible for keeping and correctly using their personal data, including credentials that allow access to reserved services as well as any harmful consequence or prejudice that may be caused to INKARTA or third parties following incorrect use, loss or removal of said information.

2. Privacy Policy

Please read the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy, which form part of these Terms and Conditions of Use, to understand the way in which INKARTA collects and uses personal data and the aims of this use.

3. Intellectual Property Rights

The contents of the Site, such as, works, images, photographs, dialogues, music, audio and video, documents, drawings, figures, logos and any other material, in any format, published on the Site, including menus, web pages, graphics, colours, outlines, tools, typeface and design of the Site, diagrams, layouts, methods, processes, functions and software that are part of the Site are protected by copyright and all other intellectual property rights belonging to INKARTA and other owners of said rights. All reproduction, either completely or partially, of any form, of the Site and its consent, without the written consent of INKARTA is prohibited. In case of breach of this, INKARTA will take action for damages and to eliminate any conduct that is unlawful and/or detrimental to its property rights.

4. Trademarks and domain names

INKARTA is exclusive licensee, on Starlights Diamonds SA grant, of "ZEN·ZERO" trademark, logos and any other distinctive sign that includes the word "ZEN·ZERO", including the domain name "zen-zero.it", as well as the graphic symbol with double Z inscribed in a circle.

All other distinguishing marks used on products sold through the Site are registered by their respective owners and used on the Site for the sole purpose of distinguishing, describing and publicising the products on sale on the Site.

INKARTA and all other owners of registered trademarks have the right to make exclusive use of their respective trademarks.

No use of registered trademarks published on the Site is permitted, without the consent of INKARTA or any other trademark owner; nor is it possible to use the marks on products or services that are not akin to those belonging to INKARTA or other trademark owners.

5. Links to other websites

If the Site contains links to other websites and resources provided by third parties, these links are provided for your convenience only. INKARTA has no control over the contents of those websites or resources, and accepts no responsibility for them or for any loss or damage that may arise from your use of them.

6. Content warning

INKARTA has implemented all processes to make sure that no content describing or representing scenes or situations of physical or mental violence is put on line, or content that may offend the sensitivity of the users of the Site, or may be considered offensive to civil society, human rights and to personal dignity.

In all cases INKARTA cannot guarantee that the contents of the Site are appropriate or legal in countries outside Italy. Users who decide to access the Site from these countries are fully aware of the legal consequences and sanctions that they risk and will be solely responsible for compliance with local laws.

INKARTA has also implemented all precautions to ensure its users that the contents of the Site are accurate and do not contain incorrect information or information that is out of date with regard to its publication on the Site and as far as possible, successively.

However, INKARTA does not accept any liability for the accuracy or completeness of the contents it publishes on the Site, with the exception of its liability for fraud or wilful misconduct, and unless otherwise provided for by law.

INKARTA also cannot guarantee users that the Site will operate continuously, without interruption, errrors, or malfunctions caused by connections to the Internet. The access to the Site may be occasionally restricted or interrupted to allow for repairs, maintenance or the introduction of new facilities or services.

For any problem found with using the Site, please contact our Customer Service.

INKARTA has implemented technical and organisational measures to safeguard the security of its services on the Site, the integrity of data concerning traffic and electronic communication with regard to forms of use that are not permitted, as well as to prevent risks of dispersion, destruction, and loss of data or information - confidential or otherwise - about its users, present on the Site, or access that is unauthorised or not compliant with law, to the aforementioned data and information.

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These Terms of Sale describe the online purchasing methods on the website zen-zero.it (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”).

Products purchased from the Site are sold directly by INKARTA S.r.l. ("Vendor"), with registered office in Italy at Via Porrettana, 196 Casalecchio di Reno (Bologna), VAT number 03303681203.

Before placing an order, you should have read the Terms of Sale, the Terms and Conditions of Use, the Return Policy, the Privacy & Cookie Policy carefully and agreed to be bound by and accept them.

1. Business policy

1.1 These Terms of Sale exclusively regulate the offer, forwarding, and acceptance of purchase orders for ZEN·ZERO products (“Products”) featured on the Site, between the Site users and the Vendor.

1.2 The Terms of Sale do not regulate the supply of services or sale of products by subjects other than the Vendor which may be present on the Site via links, banners or other hypertext links.

2. How to conclude a contract with the Vendor

2.1 To conclude a purchase for one or more products on the Site, you have to complete the e-order form and send it to the Vendor, electronically, following the instructions.

2.2 Before completing the purchase of items by transmitting the order, you will be asked to read carefully the Terms of Sale and the Return Policy. During the purchasing process, customers will also be shown a summary of contract and commercial conditions applied to the purchase of products, which also links back to the Terms of Sale and a summary of information on the basic features of each product ordered, together with the relevant price in Euros (including all applicable taxes), accepted payment methods, types of delivery available, and shipping and handling costs. The Vendor will also provide you with a reference to the terms and conditions for the exercise of your right of withdrawal and the methods and times for returning the products purchased.

2.3 The order form, which will open immediately before the purchase can be completed, will contain the basic features of each product ordered, the price in Euros, (including all applicable taxes), the shipping costs (including any additional costs for a specific and/or faster, non-standard shipping or delivery method chosen). The sales contract is concluded when the Vendor electronically receives the order form and after this has been checked to ensure all information entered is correct.

2.4 The order form will be stored on INKARTA's database for the time period necessary to issue the order and in any case, for the time required by law. You may access your order by visiting the page “track my order” or by visiting the “My order” section in your personal area, which will be created in case of registration to the Site.

2.5 The language regulating the contract with the Vendor is Italian. Any texts in other languages are therefore subordinate to the Italian version.

2.6 Once the contract has been concluded, the Vendor will accept the purchase order.

2.7 The Vendor may decide not to accept orders that are not accompanied by sufficient guarantees of payment or which are incomplete or incorrect, or in the event that products should become unavailable or that involve the delivery of products ordered in some geographical areas.

In these cases, we will inform you by email that the sales contract has not been concluded and that the Vendor has not processed the order, specifying the reasons.

Should the products presented on the Site become unavailable, un-manufacturable or no longer on sale at the time of sending the order, the Vendor will be responsible for communicating that said items are not available, in good time and in any case, no later than thirty (30) days from the following day after receipt of the order. In case of the order being sent and the amounts being paid, the Vendor will refund the payment, without undue delay and the contract between the parties will be considered terminated.

2.8 With the the electronic transmission of the order form implies customer’s unconditional acceptance, in relations with the Vendor, of these General Conditions of Sale. If you do not agree to any of the terms included in the Terms of Sale, you are requested not to submit an order form to purchase products from the Site.

2.9 By sending in the order form, you confirm that you are aware of and accept the Terms of Sale and any other information included on the Site, including that referred to in links, and including the Terms and Conditions of Use and the Privacy Policy as well as the information on the Return Policy.

2.10 When the contract is concluded, the Vendor will send you an email containing a receipt for the purchase order, together with the Terms of Sale and the Return Policy for the Right of Withdrawal and in any case, all information already available in the trading and contract conditions as viewed before proceeding to make the purchase. It will be your care to verify the correctness of the data contained in the order receipt and communicate to the Vendor within 24 hours any corrections. Possible cost increases due to errors in data not reported promptly will be at your expense.

3. Guarantees and indications for item prices

3.1 The Site exclusively sells products with the brand ZEN·ZERO.

3.2 The Vendor does not sell used items, products with irregularities or of a lower quality than the standard items offered on the marketplace.

3.3 The essential characteristics of the products and the manufacturing times are presented on the Site within each product page. We remind you that every ZEN·ZERO product is handmade and therefore turns out to be a unique model. Therefore, although the products are represented on the Site in the best possible way, some differences may emerge between the photographic representation of the product on the Site and the actual product. The photographs of the products presented on the Site do not therefore constitute a contractual element, as they are merely and symbolically representative of the product being sold.

3.4 The official currency on the Site is the Euro. All payments and financial transactions on the Site will be made in Euro. Any prices given in other currencies are purely intended as a guideline to provide the user with a better idea of the currencies.

3.5 Product prices may be subject to updates. It is important to check the final sales price before submitting the order form.

3.6 The Vendor will deliver the products purchased by specialized couriers, only in the countries and geographical areas listed on the Site at the time of purchase, with standard or express service according to availability, from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays in Italy.

3.7 The Vendor, in case the right of withdrawal is exercised, will have the right not to accept returns or not to refund the whole purchase price for the products in the event that said items no longer have their certificate of authenticity, or their essential characteristics or quality have been altered in any way, or they have been damaged.

4. Payment

4.1 Orders and shipping can be paid using PayPal.

4.2 All financial information necessary for the transaction will be transmitted, via encrypted protocol, to Paypal, which provides the related electronic payment services at a distance, without third parties having access to it. This information will never be made available to the Vendor except to complete the purchasing process, to issue refunds in cases of returns, following the exercise of right of withdrawal, or when it is necessary to prevent or inform the police of any fraud committed on the Site. At the time of communicating the order confirmation, you will be charged the amount corresponding to the products purchased and shipping and delivery costs.

5. Promotional Codes

5.1 The Vendor will be able to create, at its complete discretion, promotional codes that will be communicated on the Site and / or to your email and which can be inserted in the shopping cart during the purchase procedure. Each code can have a quantitative limit and it has a start and end validity date and this quantitative and time limit can not in any way be extended, furthermore the discounts are not cumulative unless otherwise specified.

6. Shipping and delivery of products

6.1 To know the specific shipping and delivery methods of the products, visit the “shipping and returns” section. Please pay attention to what is reported in this section because the information contained therein is an integral and substantial part of these Terms of Sale and, therefore, they are deemed to be fully known and accepted at the time of submission of the order form.

7. Customer Service

7.1 For any information and assistance please contact our Customer Service.

8. Right of withdrawal

8.1 You have the right to withdraw from the contract with the Vendor, with no penalty charge and without having to state the reason for this, within fourteen (14) days from receipt of the items purchased from the Site.

After sending the return request to the Vendor, you will receive by email the return authorization from the Vendor with the instructions containing the name of the courier and the Return Authorization Number to be applied in the external part of the package.

Within the next 14 days, you must return the products to the Vendor by sending them to the address indicated in the return authorization.

8.2 If you decide to use the courier named by the Vendor, you will not have to pay the costs for returns. Payment of costs to return purchased products will be made by the Vendor on your behalf, which therefore frees you from any obligation to make direct payment to the courier. The Vendor will deduct the amount paid for standard shipping of the returned items from the amount of the refund.

9. Applicable law and dispute resolution

9.1 These Terms of Sale are governed by Italian law and in particular by Italian legislative decree 6 September 2005 no. 206 on distance contracts and by Italian legislative decree 9 April 2003 no. 70 on certain aspects related to e-commerce.

10. Derogations

10.1 Please note that these Terms of sale apply to all purchases of ZEN·ZERO products published on the Site and made by Consumers, ie any physical person acting for purposes not related to commercial, entrepreneurial or professional activity carried out.

Should one or more sales be made to a person who can not be classified as a Consumer (purchasers who usually purchase with VAT), these Terms of sale will be applied, with the exception of the following:

  • the purchaser is not granted the right of withdrawal specified in art. 8 of these Terms of Sale;
  • the purchaser does not apply the additional protections exclusively recognized to the consumer by these Terms of sale and by the specific regulation reserved to it;
  • notwithstanding the provisions of art. 9 of these Terms of sale, any dispute concerning the sales contract is exclusively devolved, pursuant to art. 28 c.p.c., at the Bologna forum.

11. Amendments and update

11.1 The Terms of Sale are amended from time to time, also in correspondence with changes to law. New Terms of Sale will enter into effect from the date of publication on the Site.

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The priority of INKARTA ("Vendor") is your complete satisfaction. If for some reason you are not satisfied with your order you can exercise your Right of withdrawal, without any penalty, within 14 days from the day you received the products purchased on zen-zero.it ("Site").

The products to be returned must be delivered to the courier within 14 days from the date on which you notified the Vendor of your decision to withdraw from the contract.

To exercise the Right of withdrawal it is necessary to follow this procedure:

  • Contact Customer Support at the email address shop@zen-zero.it providing an explicit declaration of the decision to withdraw from the sales contract specifying the order number, within 14 days of delivery of the goods.
  • Wait for the reply email from ZEN·ZERO with the instructions containing the name of the courier and the Return Authorization Number that you will have to print and apply on the shipping package.
  • Prepare the package for the return and communicate to shop@zen-zero.it, within 14 days, your availability to collect the package by the courier.
  • ZEN·ZERO will send you, within 48 hours, the courier pick-up booking and the pdf of the returned return label to be printed and attached to the shipping package.

The Right of withdrawal is exercised correctly if the following conditions are fully met:

  • The products must be returned perfectly intact, in their institutional packaging including certificates of authenticity and all documentation inside.
  • Returned products must be sent in one shipment.
  • Returned products must be delivered to the courier within 14 days from the date you received the return acceptance email.

If you have fulfilled all requirements set forth above, the Vendor shall refund the entire price for the purchased products within 14 days from the date on which the Vendor received the communication regarding your desire to withdraw from the Contract, using the same payment method you chose during the purchase phase.

You will only bear the costs of the return to the Vendor of the products purchased, including any customs duties incurred by the Vendor for the return of the goods in Italy.

Should you decide to use the courier indicated by the Vendor, you will not have to take care of the return shipping costs upfront, which are at your expense. In this case, the Vendor will pay the return shipping costs for you and will deduct from your refund the cost of return postage.

However, if you choose to use a different courier or other postage method for your return, you will have to pay for the return shipping cost upfront and at your own expense.

You will be notified if the returned products cannot be accepted. In this case, you may choose to have the products delivered to you at no expense to the Vendor. If you refuse the above delivery, the Vendor reserves the right to retain the products and the amount paid for your purchase of the products.