ZEN-ZERO Jewels for your soul

A lifetime surrounded by paper and ink, but with a true passion for design.

A lifetime amongst diamonds, but with a real desire to convey a different lifestyle.

We wanted to share our journey towards full balance. And we wanted real diamonds.

The only gem to equal the sparkle we wish to see in our eyes and in those of our loved ones.

ZEN·ZERO stems from a dream shared by two friends:

to create an affordable collection of jewellery pairing a powerful message of inner growth with the beauty and emotion of wearing a real diamond.

Unique Jewelry Made in Italy

ZEN·ZERO jewels are designed and made in Italy using the finest materials and superb craftsmanship.

Real natural Diamonds

A real natural diamond with a certificate of authenticity is set into every ZEN·ZERO creation.


No intermediaries makes the emotion of wearing or giving a ZEN·ZERO jewel an affordable privilege.